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SynGenics Overview

SynGenics Corporation

SynGenics has helped hundreds of clients, in industry and government, to identify and pursue the best investments in product creation, business operations, production, and technology. We are skilled in four core services:

Four Core Services

Complex Decision Support

SynGenics’s proven [SETFST] decision support processes are uniquely effective

  • Where multiple objectives must be satisfied.
  • Where many stakeholders offer valued contributions that must be reconciled.
  • Where the right decision is crucial.

Process and Product Optimization

SynGenics optimization processes help our clients realize better value.

The objective of process optimization, in most cases, is to do more with less. Product optimization enables the delivery of better products. These products meet customers competing desires at a price they are willing to pay. SynGenics optimization techniques often achieve cost reductions of 15–45% and a return on investment in excess of 100%.

New Product Development

Using the SynGenics Optimization System and risk assessment as a basis, SynGenics works with clients to rationalize investment and shepherd new products through the development stages, including documentation and planning, to full-rate production. The process helps clients avoid expensive redesigns and delays, whether this is their 50th product or their first.

Manufacturing Operations

SynGenics has worked across a broad range of discrete and continuous production industries to help clients create exceptionally competitive enterprises through technology infusions or carefully structured changes in operating practices. Typical clients engage SynGenics because they are experiencing problems with cost, quality, or meeting customer delivery expectations.